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Translated from the second edition of a successful French publication, this book has been thoroughly updated to include full coverage of the new UMTS standard. It looks at the topic from a system's point of view and covers both the architecture and the techniques employed in the UMTS network. The introductory chapters cover the origins of UMTS and its relation to the other third generation technologies. The later chapters are more technical and describe different aspects such as the architecture, the structure of the radio interface, the protocols used and the importance of the GSM inheritance.


Preface 1. UMTS and Third Generation Networks 2. Review of Second Generation (GSM) Systems 3. UMTS Principles 4. The UTRAN Radio Interface 5. The Physical Layer of the Radio Interface 6. The UTRAN Network Protocols 7. Call Handling 8. Mobility Management Appendix - The UMTS Specifications Glossary Index


Pierre Lescuyer is a systems engineer at Nortel Networks, 3rd largest UMTS developer in the world behind Nokia and Ericsson.

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