The Course of French History

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Oktober 1991



This stimulating one-volume history traces the social and economic evolution of France as a nation from the founding of the monarchy in 987, to the present day. Against a background of structural change, Goubert etches a vivid account of key events and personalities. His perspective is a popular one, and his main interest is in how political events and famous people affect the nation as a whole. The book incorporates the findings and perspectives of recent monographic studies with clarity and precision, but it is Goubert's own judgements, direct, forceful and iconoclastic, which make this an invaluable text.


"Goubert uses all the tools of the new history, but has an eye for the personalities involved and an appreciation of the role of force and folly in events. The book is learned, entertaining and written by a historian with an enviable gift for going for the jugular."From reviews of the ???: L -"The Economist "Professor Goubert's fascinating book is by no means restricted to the history of battles long ago. [He deals] stimulatingly with the economy, demography, and the way of life of each main epoch."-"History Today
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