American Literary Realism, Critical Theory, and Intellectual Prestige, 1880-1995

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April 2015



Phillip Barrish traces the emergence of new ways of gaining intellectual prestige in the key works of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American literary realism.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. William Dean Howells and the roots of realist taste; 2. The 'facts of physical suffering', the literary intellectual and The Wings of the Dove; 3. The 'genuine article': credit and ethnicity in The Rise of David Levinsky; 4. What Nona knows; 5. From reality, to materiality, to the real (and back again): the dynamics of distinction on the recent critical scene; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


"...the words 'dazzling' and 'moving' to describe Barrish's interpretations partly beacause they had the cumulative effect of exerting, on this reader, their own 'cognitive and emotional power.' The acute and layered analyses he refers to simply as 'detailedly attentive readings' produced a realer American realism." South Central Review "inventive and fresh." Modern Fiction Studies "an important and impressive book." Studies in American Fiction "a provocative book." American Literary Realism "intriguing and original." The Henry James Review "the author offers a fresh perspective of William Dean Howell, Henry James, Abraham Cahan, and Edith Wharton." CHOICE Jan 2002 "...a sensitive, often intriguing study." MFS "[Barrish's] prose is ...elegant, layered, and worth a second reading... It should be an influential book in the ongoing debate about what 'really matters' in literary-critical studies." Novel
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