Real-Time Systems Design and Analysis

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April 2004



The leading guide to real-time systems design- revised and updated This third edition of Phillip Laplante' s bestselling, practical guide to building real-time systems maintains its predecessors' unique holistic, systems-based approach devised to help engineers write problem-solving software. Dr. Laplante incorporates a survey of related technologies and their histories, complete with time-saving practical tips, hands-on instructions, C code, and insights into decreasing ramp-up times. Real-Time Systems Design and Analysis, Third Edition is essential for students and practicing software engineers who want improved designs, faster computation, and ultimate cost savings. Chapters discuss hardware considerations and software requirements, software systems design, the software production process, performance estimation and optimization, and engineering considerations. This new edition has been revised to include: Up-to-date information on object-oriented technologies for real-time including object-oriented analysis, design, and languages such as Java, C++, and C# Coverage of significant developments in the field, such as:
New life-cycle methodologies and advanced programming practices for real-time, including Agile methodologies
Analysis techniques for commercial real-time operating system technology
Hardware advances, including field-programmable gate arrays and memory technology Deeper coverage of:
Scheduling and rate-monotonic theories
Synchronization and communication techniques
Software testing and metrics Real-Time Systems Design and Analysis, Third Edition remains an unmatched resource forstudents and practicing software engineers who want improved designs, faster computation, and ultimate cost savings.


Preface. Chapter 1. Basic Real-Time Concepts. Chapter 2. Hardware Considerations. Chapter 3. Real-Time Operating Systems. Chapter 4. Software Requirements. Chapter 5. Software Systems Design. Chapter 6. The Software Production Process. Chapter 7. Performance Estimation and Optimization. Chapter 8. Engineering Considerations. References. Glossary. Index.


PHILLIP A. LAPLANTE is Associate Professor of Software Engineering at Penn State University and codirector of the Software Engineering Group. His research interests include real-time and embedded systems, image processing, and artificial intelligence. He has authored more than 100 papers and nineteen books, and cofounded the journal Real-Time Imaging. He has been building, studying, and teaching real-time systems for more than twenty years. Dr. Laplante received his BS, Meng, and PhD from Stevens Institute of Technology, as well as an MBA from the University of Colorado.


"...I would recommend this book for all students...and for all new engineers as a general reference book..." (Cvu - The Journal of the ACCU, Vol.16, No.6., December 2004)
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