Open World: The Truth about Globalization

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The former Economist correspondent argues that globalization is neither a label for Americanization nor an excuse for worldwide corporate domination, nor does it eliminate local cultures or make governments irrelevant. Mr. Legrain's balanced evaluation analyzes the major forces in the economic equation and makes a clear case that we are free to choose our future and to shape globalization for the benefit of all. "At last a good book on globalization...lucid and persuasive." Financial Times.


Part 1 Foreword ix Part 2 Introduction 3 Chapter 3 FREE TO CHOOSE: What kind of globalisation do we want? Part 4 WORRIED WORKERS: Why globalisation is actually the least of their worries 25 Part 5 THE POOR PROFIT: Globalisation is the only route out of poverty 47 Part 6 A BRIEF HISTORY OF GLOBALISATION: How our open world emerged 80 Part 7 BRAND NEW WORLD?: Why brands are not all-conquering beasts 118 Part 8 GIANTS WITH CLAY FEET: Why companies don't run the world 132 Part 9 THE PHANTOM MENACE: Why government is not under threat 151 Part 10 GLOBAL GOVERNMENT: How the world should (and shouldn't) be run 174 Part 11 FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Why farm trade should be freed 211 Part 12 ENDANGERED EARTH?: How globalisation can be green 236 Part 13 PATENTLY WRONG: How global patent laws harm the poor and the sick 254 Part 14 FINANCIAL FAILINGS: Why global money should be caged 270 Part 15 CULTURE CLASH: Individual freedom, not Coke, rules OK 293 Part 16 A DIFFERENT WORLD: We can build a better globalisation 320 Part 17 Notes 335 Part 18 Bibliography 348


Philippe Legrain, who studied at the London School of Economics, is chief economist of Britain in Europe, the campaign for the United Kingdom to join the European Union. He was previously special adviser to the director-general of the World Trade Organization, Mike Moore. In addition to his work on the Economist, he has written widely for British and American publications, including the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New Republic, Foreign Policy, and the Chronicle Review. He lives in London. To find out more about Mr. Legrain, visit


Legrain masterfully defines a middle ground between the contending forces for and against globalization.... In a rare and frank analysis...Legrain argues forcefully that the worst abuses usually associated with globalization are in fact caused by a continued reliance on self-serving policies by the strongest governments in the world....--Michael R. Kraig
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