Web Component Development with Zope 3

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Zope is a powerful Python web application platform for developing complex web applications rapidly and collaboratively. With version 3, Zope has been rebuilt on top of a Component Architecture that combines the best ideas available from modern web platforms. This book focuses on Zope 3, though it also addresses the needs of Zope 2 developers who want to use Zope 3 features as they are backported into the Zope 2 platform. First, the key concepts of Zope and its Component Architecture are introduced. Each of Zope's capabilities is demonstrated by building a sample application and then extending it with more features.


Part 1: Beginner.- Introduction.- Zope and the Component Architecture.- Installing Zope.- Interfaces.- Content Components.- Persistency.- Simple Views and Browser Pages.- Browser Forms. Part II: Intermediate.- Internationalization.- Customizing a Site's Layout.- Adapters.- Automated Testing.- Advanced Views.- Metadata.- Containers.- Events.- Part III: Expert.- Sources and Vocabularies.- Sites.- Indexing and Searching.- Browser Sessions.- Security.- Authentication and User Management.- Debugging Zope.- Packaging and Deployment.- Part IV: Appendices. A. API Reference.- B. ZCML Reference.


The author's computer programming started out as a hobby and became a profession very quickly. He has been a web developer for many years, having opened his own business during high school already. He started his first Zope project almost half a decade ago and has successfully used Zope in innumerable applications since. A few years ago, when the rewrite of Zope was initiated, he became a developer of Zope 3. He has been continually contributing to Zope and related projects itself since. Currently he is studying Physics at the Dresden University of Technology, while continuing the Internet business.


"The book can be considered the definitive guide to Zope 3. If the reader is looking for a book containing a set of tutorials on creating and using Web applications, this is a great choice."
Pectu Dana, Timisoara, Romania; ACM Computing Reviews, September 2006
"This book is at once thorough, brief, and concise. This is by far the best technical books i've read on any subject.
I have been interested in Zope for almost a year now, but even as a seasoned programmer I was intimidated by its labrythian complexity. I struggled for weeks reading the free Zope material and learning almost nothing. This book presents the material in an accessable manner while shying away from the horrible puns and awful jokes present in so many technical books. This book would be a bargin at twice its price."
D. Morrione, Hemet, CA,

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