Baldwin Papers: A Conservative Statesman, 1908 1947

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An edited selection of three times prime minister Stanley Baldwin's letters and reported conversations.


Preface; Introduction; 1. Businessman-MP and junior minister 1908-March 1921; 2. The Coalition Cabinet, April 1921-October 1922; 3. Chancellor and prime minister, October 1922-September 1923; 4. Protection and its aftermath, October 1923-January 1924; 5. Leader of the opposition, January-October 1924; 6. Baldwin's second government, November 1924-June 1929; 7. The second opposition period, June 1929-August 1931; 8. The National government, August 1931-June 1935; 9. Prime minister again, June 1935-November 1936; 10. The abdication crisis; 11. Into retirement, December 1936-May 1937; 12. Elder statesman, June 1937-April 1940; 13. Last years, May 1940-December 1947; Appendices: A. Family trees; B. The People interview, 18 May 1924; C. Palmstierna's memoir; D. The prime minister's staff and daily routine; E. Baldwin collections.


PHILIP WILLIAMSON is Professor of History, University of Durham. EDWARD BALDWIN, 4th Earl Baldwin of Bewley, is the prime minister's grandson. After a career in education, he has sat in the House of Lords since 1988, speaking on educational, medical and environmental matters.


Review of the hardback: 'Tom Jones, one of Baldwin's closest confidants, once told Vincent Massey that Baldwin had 'goodwill' but was hobbled by 'indecision and mental indolence'. These papers do not entirely acquit Baldwin of such charges but they show a man of generosity, decency and total integrity.' The Spectator Review of the hardback: '... magnificent volume ... this collection of letters, memos, notes and extracts from others do give a rounded picture of a thoroughly decent man - perhaps the most quintessentially English prime minister of the last century or more.' The House Magazine Review of the hardback: '... a fascinating collection of papers - put together with scholarship and presented in a most attractive format ...' The House Magazine Review of the hardback: '... an invaluable tool ... an interesting read ... gives a valuable insight into the Conservative perspective of events during the 1920s and 30s.' Open History Review of the hardback: 'This enjoyable selection well shows why Baldwin, as Churchill admitted in 1935, enjoyed 'a fund of personal goodwill and public confidence'. Cambridge University Press has done a great service to the memory of a much maligned figure'. Contemporary Reviews
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