Powerful Conversations: How High Impact Leaders Communicate

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All Leaders Talk. It Is The Power of Their Talk That Determines Whether They Win Or Lose."Phil Harkins has it exactly right. To be a leader is to communicate powerfully--as he does in this thoughtful book."--Robert B. Reich, Professor of Social and Economic Policy, Brandeis University""Powerful Conversations" have made a real difference in the effectiveness of the Operations Senior Leadership Team. We are delivering unprecedented results thanks to the clearer communication and improved working relationships."--Larry Gundrum, Senior Vice President, Kraft Foods""Powerful Conversations" is a thoroughly terrific book combining vivid stories, acute insights, and penetrating observations into an original and compelling look at the ways in which successful leaders communicate with their followers. It should be widely read for lessons, prescriptions, and sheer pleasure."--Doris Kearns Goodwin, Historian and Biographer"In my business, "Powerful Converstations" are leading to believability and a growing sense of achievability by our employees that they can drive a massive agenda for change."--Linda Coughlin, Managing Director, Scudder Kemper Investments, Inc."In a fast forward world, candor and clarity are prerequisites for success. "Powerful Conversations" is a must-read book for leading into the 21st century."--Steve Ozonian, Chairman and CEO, Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Solutions"A powerful guide, both savvy and wise, to emotional intelligence in action. Phil Harkins has given us an essential handbook for leaders at any level."--Daniel Goleman, Author, Working with Emotional Intelligence


<H2> Foreword. <H2> Introduction. <H2> Acknowledgements. <H2> Part I: The Discipline of Powerful Conversations. <H2> Part II: Powerful Conversations in Practice. <H3> Appendix. <H3> Index.


Phil Harkins is presidents and CEO of Linkage, Inc., an organizational development company. Prior to founding Linkage, Harkins was on the senior faculty of Boston University.
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