French Rugby Football: A Cultural History

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Juli 2001



Philip Dine Depart of French National University of Ireland


'This admirable book will serve not only rugby fans but a wider academic and general readership immensely well as the authoritative work on its subject.'The Times Higher Education Supplement'This is an impressive book, the importance of which goes far beyond French rugby. [It mixes] evocation and analysis in crisp prose, with reference to a surprisingly large literature. In Philip Dine French rugby has found a fine historian.'Modern and Contemporary France'This is one of the definitive works on French Rugby Football . [It is] written with uncompromising scholarship.'Journal of European Studies'French Rugby Football is written in a lucid and jargon-free style, flowing from chapter to chapter in a way that is reminiscent of the 'champagne' rugby that forms the subject of this book ... I found it astonishing that so much has been included, in highly readable form, into a book of less than 230 pages.'Journal of European Area Studies'A succinct and engagingly written hi
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