Williams: A Streetcar Named Desire

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Mai 2004



This first continuous history of the play surveys major productions and transformations into ballet, film, television, and opera.


List of illustrations; General preface; Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. A Streetcar Named Desire - The Broadway premiere and beyond; 2. Streetcar on the world stage: the national premieres, 1948-1953; 3. Streetcar revivals on the English-language stage; 4. Recasting the players: expanding and radicalizing the Streetcar script; 5. Streetcar in other media; Selective production chronology; Notes; Selective bibliography of criticism of Streetcar; Index.


'[A] marvellous investigation of Williams' most famous play in production, fully attentive to design, music and acting.' Plays International 'It's probably a good bet that [Williams] would have enjoyed reading Kolin's entertaining and informative fifty-year record of his dramatic masterpiece.' World Literature Today 'Written in an engaging style, this book is a vital addition to the history of American theatre and to the study of Tennessee Williams.' Southern Theatre 'Kolin's passionate attachment to the playwright frankly infuses his commentary ... anyone who picks up his book will learn something new from this well written, entertaining and accessible mixture of theatre history, dramatic criticism, and cultural analysis.' American Drama 'Kolin's argument is most convincing regarding Streetcar's 'sustaining power and protean magic', for he sophicatedly analyzes a wealth of Streetcar productions, revisions, revivals and 'radicalizations' since its 1947 debut.' Theatre History Studies
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