Learning Organization Principles

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Juni 2011



Government is at a crossroads. External and internal pressures mandate government maximizes its human resources and collective knowledge to discover long-term strategies for operating more efficiently and meeting the needs of the public. To reinvent itself and create the foundation for future economic prosperity, state government must consider placing an emphasis on learning as an organization and develop its collective learning capacities. This includes discovering new ways of thinking, processing, and viewing its current position and how to serve State residents.This study sought to determine the extent to which learning organization constructs influenced performance in one Midwest state government.


Rosalee Rush, Ph.D.: Studied Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Organizational Analysis at Western Michigan University. She currently is the director of marketing and communications at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.
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Untertitel: The Impact on a Midwest State Government as Perceived by Its Employees. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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