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Philosophy is the universal and supreme human science. It always talks about all beings and all reality. And, its object of investigation is huge. Yet, philosophy always looks into one of the aspects in reality. Accordingly, philosophy is the way to see the reality with a specific approach and field. This book is about the philosophy of education. And, education always deals with man. Hence, education is universal. It means that where there is a man, there is an education. And, this book mainly discusses a scope and three essential issues in relation to well-established fields of philosophy: epistemology, ontology, and axiology. Finally, our discussion reaches its climax in axiology, philosophy of value. Values are crucial in human life. They may be educational guides, as education and values are interrelated with one another. The aims of education are always associated with values. The educational methods, curriculum, developments, reforms, management, systems, as well as concepts highly reflect the educational values. Consequently, education may focus on the personal search for the true existential values and the meaning of life in the realization of authentic personhood.


Petrus Eko Handoyo has a bachelor degree in Philosophy from Gadjah Mada University, Jogyakarta and a master degree in Theology from Cipanas Theological College, Indonesia. He is presently a lecturer at Mongolia International University, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. His research interests include philosophy of value, philosophy of man and world religions.
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