The Level Guide to the South West

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Juli 2003



This is the ultimate handbook for wheelchair users and the less able. It is the only personally-assessed UK tourist guide for those with limited mobility. Included is information about towns, shopping, tourist attractions where to stay, where to eat, cathedrals, churches etc... All places have been visited and rated for access, services available and overall enjoyment.


Covers Cornwall, Devon, Dorset & Somerset Towns are listed within each county and assessed in terms of accessibility for: attractions; shopping facilities; places to stay & eat; car parking; toilets; From the Quomps in Christchurch in Dorset, to the Eden Project in Cornwall, from lodges to 5 star opulence, from fleapits to 3D multiplexes - if it's accessible, it's in!


Peter Watts became a wheelchair user at the age of 27. Some time later he self-published and self-promoted his own guide to Dorset in determination to help others see that being in a wheelchair needn't limit your enjoyment of all that the South West of England has to offer. We wanted to help him reach a wider audience with a bigger part of the map. He is based in Dorchester, Dorset.


"There are over 8.5 million disabled people in the UK - a very large minority! When I joined the ranks of wheelchair users I was astounded at the lack of service available. While every bookshop offers a plethora of travel or guidebooks there are none for the less able and wheelchair users. I wanted to offer a book that doesn't just pay lip service to the needs of disabled people." Peter Watts
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