Commemorating Trauma: The Paris Commune and Its Cultural Aftermath

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April 2006



The bloody events of the Paris Commune in 1871 traumatized France as much as the Kennedy assassination or September 11 have traumatized America. In this important study of cultural memory, Peter Starr draws on an innovative range of sources to understand the resonating questions about the terrible year. Why would literary, cinematic, and historical works in the wake of the Commune keep returning to the trope of confusion as a way of both commemorating and parrying this historical trauma? And what do these representations of confusion have to tell us about the forms of social upheaval that effectively shaped modern France: revolution, democratization, urbanization, and the capitalist transformation of desire?


PETER STARR is Associate Professor of French and College Dean of Undergraduate Programs at the University of Southern California. He is the author of Logics of Failed Revolt: French Theory after May '68.


"It's college-level analysis uses recent scholarly work on cultural trauma to consider the lasting effects of the Terrible Year on Paris history and culture."
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