What Is Six SIGMA?

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November 2001



The First Six Sigma Primer Written Especially for EmployeesSix Sigma has gained an avid following among executives and managers for its ability to reduce cycle time, eliminate product defects, and dramatically increase customer involvement and satisfaction. But Six Sigma can't work without widespread employee involvement and commitment. "What Is Six Sigma? "explains, for "employees, "the core ideas behind Six Sigma, the crucial roles and responsibilities employees have in a Six Sigma initiative, and how Six Sigma can benefit them.This concise introduction to Six Sigma explains what questions to ask when Six Sigma is first introduced in an organization, then answers those questions in straightforward and easy-to-read style. Look to it for real-world descriptions of: The fundamentals and foundations of Six Sigma The essential roles employees play in Six Sigma The changes and challenges they are likely to see Case studies of employees using Six Sigma to identify--and correct--major problems More than a "quality" program, Six Sigma is a "business "initiative that helps every area of an organization meet the changing needs of its customers, profitably. "What Is Six Sigma? "will help spread the message of Six Sigma around any organization simply and clearly.


What is Six Sigma? Why Companies are Implementing Six Sigma: The GE Story What Six Sigma May Look Like in Your Organization Your Role in Six Sigma Quality A Word to The Skeptics (Is Six Sigma Really Different?) The Six Themes of Six Sigma: (2 pages on overview and 2 pages on each topic) The Five-Step Roadmap to Six Sigma Implementation (2 pages on overview and 2 pages on each topic) Applying Six Sigma in A Service Environment (2 pages) The Tools of Six Sigma (1 page on each of 10 basic tools)


Peter S. Pande is Founder and President of Pivotal Resources, an international consulting firm providing Six Sigma implementation, training, and management development services in industries from financial services to high technology.
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