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This book comprehensively documents the many and varied ways that polyhedra have come to the fore throughout the development of mathematics.


Introduction; 1. Indivisible, inexpressible and unavoidable; 2. Rules and regularity; 3. Decline and rebirth of polyhedral geometry; 4. Fantasy, harmony and uniformity; 5. Surfaces, solids and spheres; 6. Equality, rigidity and flexibility; 7. Stars, stellations, and skeletons; 8. Symmetry, shape and structure; 9. Counting, colouring and computing; 10. Combination, transformation and decoration; Appendices.


'The topic itself ... is easily visualised and it has a long history as part of our culture, interacting with philosophy, art and chemistry. Cromwell's treatment admirably exploits all these opportunities, with many interesting digressions and a lively historical commentary ... popular exposition at a high level.' Sir Michael Atiyah, Times Higher Educational Supplement '... plenty to fascinate.' New Scientist '... Peter Cromwell has done us a great service by writing this handsome, scholarly and beautifully illustrated book.' Peter Giblin, The London Mathematical Society Newsletter 'This remarkable book goes far beyond the superficial, providing a solid and fascinating account of the history and mathematics of polyhedra, especially regular polyhedra. It is likely to become the classic book on the topic.' MAA Online ' ... a fascinating book ... the book holds many surprises and will find rich use among students of both mathematics and computer science.' Choice ' ... a well got-up book with an abundant and beautiful material of illustration. The study of polyhedra, as the author explicitly states, 'is currently enjoying something of a renaissance'. This work itself will surely help this renaissance, and may be an enjoyable reading for a very wide audience.' Acta. Sci. Math. ' ... the book should have a wide and appreciative audience of all ages.' The Times Higher Education Supplement ' ... this book contains a thorough treatment of all that is known about polyhedra ... A very interesting and detailed account.' European Mathematical Society ' ... well-illustrated throughout with line diagrams, as well as several colour plates of the author's own superb models. The writing is clear and entertaining, and reassuringly anticipates many of the reader's questions.' Thomas Bending, The Mathematical Gazette
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