An Introduction to Sustainable Development

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Foreword. From Malthus to Sustainable Development. Challenges of Sustainable Development. Global Environmental Issues. Sustainable Development Indicators. Environmental Assessment. Environmental Management: Trends and Policies. Legislation, International Law, and Multilateral Environmental Agreements. Social Dimensions and Policies. The Economics of Sustainability. Sustainability: Externalities, Valuation, and Time Externalities. Natural Resource Accounting. The Role of International Financial Institutions. International Cooperation. Sustainable Development: Crisis, Conflict, and Compromise. Index


Peter P. Rogers is Gordon McKay Professor of Environmental Engineering and Professor of City Planning, Harvard University, USA. Kazi F. Jalal is a lecturer at Harvard s Extension School and was Chief of the Offi ce of Environment and Social Development of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). John A. Boyd, formerly a lawyer at ADB, has been a guest lecturer at the Harvard Extension School and served as an ADB Principal Sector Specialist on Sustainable Development.


"'The conceptual breadth is impressive. The examples and many graphics are appealing... downright useful' Richard Forman, Professor of Landscape Ecology, Harvard School of Design 'Goes deep into the details and presents the available scientific data for explaining the different issues using interdisciplinary approaches... Extremely useful, especially [for] teachers' Alexandre Kiss, President, European Council on Environmental Law"
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