Sociology and Nursing: An Introduction

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This lively, introductory text provides nurses with the foundations of a sociological understanding of health issues which they will find of great help in thinking about their work and the role of their profession . It explains the key sociological theories and debates with humor and imagination in a way which will encourage an inquisitive and reflective approach on the part of any student who engages with the text. The book is organized so that the student moves from the main sociological perspectives through the key concepts underpinning nursing to sociological approaches to themes which constantly recur in the experience of nursing. Individual chapters cover: - imagination - health - science - power - professions - medicalization - inequality - sex - madness - death There are summaries at the end of each chapter and suggestions for further reading. Students will find this a very readable text which covers the ground they need to know ina thought-provoking way . Lecturers will find it a helpful text for generating discussion in tutorials and seminars, as a type of formative assessment and in the preparation of summative assignments.


Clinical sociology; being a nurse; being a patient; organising health; promoting health.
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