Bibliography of African Literatures

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Juli 1996



Provides extensive coverage of the writings of both established and promising new authors in all continental African countries and Madagascar. Arranged primarily by language, with emphasis on literatures in English and French.


Peter Limb is a librarian at Reid Library, University of Western Australia. Jean-Marie Volet is a research fellow in the Department of French Studies at the University of Western Australia.

Pressestimmen impressive, prodigious work...It is so comprehensive, so rich, and very creative, succinct, intellectually and academically relevant. African Journal of Languages and Linguistics ...provides a useful means for bringing this body of literature into the reading mainstream...Its scope and the quality of it's coverage make it a good resource for any library whose readers have interest in African or international literature. CHOICE This is the most comprehensive bibliographic survey of twentieth-century African literatures...the editors have uncovered many young writers who have yet to make their mark in literature but who show great promise. American Reference Books Annual The African continent was once considered terra incognita by outsiders...Limb and Volet have demonstrated that such notions no longer apply in the age of modern scholarship. AB Bookman's Weekly Libraries encouraging investigation into African literature will want to obtain a copy, and researchers will find that Limb and Volet point them towards important sources... Limb and Volet...have overcome numerous barriers in order to track down a large number of publications. They have engineered, in bibliographical terms, the reintigration of the Arab north into the body of African literature and they have ensured that recognition is given to writing in African languages and by women authors ...a hugely ambitious, continent-wide, multilingual project. The African Book Publishing Record admirable effort dealing with a varied and fascinating subject. Research In African Literatures ...a useful addition to humanities reference shelves, especially in an age interested in post-colonial activities. Reference Reviews ...a manageable and user-friendly volume. Ascalf Bulletin ...Limb and Violet make an important contribution to our comprehending all of African literatures. In a manageable volume they collect thousands of titles, set up intelligent criteria about arrangement and taxonomy, and aggresively seek out new authors...readers get almost unlimited suggestions on how to focus their inquiry further. African Studies Review
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