Vitis vinifera - Provings of Vine

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Vitis vinifera is one of those 'minor' homeopathic remedies, which has been somewhat under-used in the shadow of much better-known remedies with a larger sphere of action. However, one could assume it would have a 'larger' sphere of action, not least because of it's cultural and historical significance as a noble companion throughout the evolution of human kind, in addition to symbol of peace and prosperity.The grapevine is also one of the prominent cultivated plants of both Burgenland and Rhineland, contributing to the shaping of their landscapes. It was in these habitats, in which the Vitis provings were analysed, evaluated and processed.


Born on 18.4.1955, in Laakirchen, Upper Austria. MD, University lecturer. Studied medicine in Graz and Vienna. First introduced to homeopathy through Mathias Dorcsi in 1978. Involved in lecturing, supervision, seminars and publication since 1983. On the committee of the Austrian Society for Homeopathic Medicine for 11 years. Lecturer at the 'Augsburger 3 month course' for Homeopathy since October 1993. Research associate at the 'Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Homeopathy'. 1987-1990 Head of the homeopathic out-patient's department at the St Anna Children's Hospital in Vienna. 1990 - 2002 lectureship at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Vienna (course of lectures on 'Introduction to Homeopathy'). Established own practice as GP from June 1987 in the 13th district in Vienna, later in Eichgraben, Lower Austria, and since 1999 in Eisenstadt. On the Editorial Board of the 'Homeopathic Links' journal since 1991. Publisher of 'Treating like with like - Homeopathy in Austria', Orac, 1996. 'Wisdoc' - Homeopathic EDP management system for documentation and patient details, in conjunction with Günther Nemeth, 1997-2001. Now living in the wine producing area known as Burgenland I actually really love good (preferably heavy) red wines and up to now my connection with it has been more experiential rather than cognitive - and contrary to my true inclination I proved 'white' wine! - AUDE SAPERE!
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