The Delhi Sultanate: A Political and Military History

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The book represents the first comprehensive history of the Delhi Sultanate from 1210 1400.


1. The background; Part I. The Thirteenth Century: 2. From Ghurid Province to Delhi Sultanate; 3. Sultans and sources; 4. Turks, Tajiks and Khalaj; 5. The centre and the provinces; 6. The Mongol threat; 7. Raid, conquest and settlement; Part II. The Zenith of the Sultanate: 8. Sultans, saints and sources; 9. The Khalji and Tughluqid nobility; 10. An age of conquest; 11. The Chaghadayid invasions; 12. The military, the economy and administrative reform; 13. Stupor mundi: the reign of Muhammad b. Tughluq; 14. The Sultans and their Hindu subjects; 15. Stasis and decline: Firuz Shah and his successors; Epilogue.


'This work of original scholarship and synthesis ... explains as no other has done before the many factors, in particular the nature of military power and government, which contributed to the establishment of an Islamic presence in South Asia.' History '... a worthy political and military history of the first major independent Muslim state in South Asia: the Delhi Sultanate.' Contemporary South Asia
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