Learning in Organizations: Complexities and Diversities

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Dezember 2005



In this fresh and innovative approach to the complexities and challenges of organizational learning diversities, the authors show that in learning there are no generic solutions, and instead propose several context-specific resolutions.


1. Designing Learning in Complex Environments 2. Diversities in Organisational Contexts 3. Diversities in Learning Contexts 4. Diversities in Learning Orientation 5. Diversities Amongst Learners 6. Diversities in Learning Methods 7. Diversities in Learning Supports 8. Responding to Diversity Through Flexibility 9. The Reflective HRD Practitioner: Bringing it Together


Peter Smith is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Deakin University in Australia. He has a strong practitioner and research interest in industry training, flexible learning, and distance education. Eugene Sadler-Smith is Professor of Management Development and Organizational Behaviour at the University of Surrey, UK. His research interests include cognitive styles and learning styles, intuition in management, continuous professional development and management development in SMEs.


'I found the text by Smith and Sadler-Smith extremely refreshing as it combines strong elements of academic research with an obvious underlying understanding of the realities in practice. This book tackles some complex concepts, its style is thought provoking and I found it quite enlightening. Regardless if you are an academic or practitioner, there is something in this book that will stir your thought processes.' - George Taylor, Training Manager, Rohm and Haas, Australia
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