Urban Process and Power

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August 1994



"Urban Process and Power" explains the processes of building environments, as well as the how they reflect dominant social, political and economic values and circumstances. Peter Ambrose argues that the changes in the environments during the "neo-liberal" period during the 1970s have increased inequalities, been wasteful of urban resources, and have frequently been self-defeating.
The book compares these processes with those elswhere in Europe, establishing that deregulation has produced adversity, and what is called for is a land development policy which shows a better balance between private, public and voluntary sectors, as well as a more sensitive approach to those who use the environment.


Part 1 Urban - Why and How Do Urban Areas Vary?: "Human Nature" and the Urban Environment; Three Urban Environments Compared. Part 2 Process - How the Built Environment is Fashioned: The System Generating New Built Environment; Profit-seeking Development - As Investment; Profit-seeking Development - For Sale; Non-profit-seeking Development - Statutory; Non-profit-seeking Development - Voluntary. Part 3 Power - New Ideologies and Their Effects: The Dominant "Neo-liberal" Ideologies of the 1980s-1990s; The Impact of "Neo-liberal" Policies on the Built Environment. Part 4 Lessons -The Widening of Perspectives: How it Works Elsewhere; Ways Ahead?.
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