Windup in Control

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PActuator saturation is probably the most frequent nonlinearity encountered in control applications. Input saturation leads to controller windup, removable by structural modification during compensator realization and plant windup which calls for additional dynamics. This book presents solutions to the windup prevention problem for stable and unstable single-input-single-output and multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) systems./P


Undesired Effects of Input Saturation.- Prevention of Controller Windup.- Prevention of Plant Windup in Stable Systems.- Further Methods for the Prevention of Windup.- Prevention of Plant Windup in Stable and Unstable Single Input Systems.- Prevention of Windup in Multivariable Systems.- Additional Rate Constraints.- Bumpless Transfer.- Résumé and Concluding Discussions.- Design of Observer-based Controllers.


From the reviews:
Peter Hippe has done a nice job with his book. The central thesis is clear and provides a nice framework for the methods he emphasizes. His book contains many helpful examples that demonstrate the approaches and make them easy to emulate. In addition, the selection of topics provides a sturdy bridge to other methodologies that address control with input saturation. For example, Hippe's dichotomy betwen controller windup and plant windup is related to the distinction between the effectiveness of "static" and "dynamic" anti-windup compensation which can be determined by assessing the feasibility of a set of LMIs. This provides a link to the growing body of work on the use of LMIs to solve control design problems in the presence of input saturation. Hippe's nonlinear trajectory generator may inspire the reader to consult other reference governor ideas in the literature, eventually leading to the vast body of work on model predictive control. Finally, the description of Buhler's nonlinear cascaded control idea may inspire the reader to digest papers on nested saturation control.
Regardless of the saturation control problem one faces, Peter Hippe's book is an enjoyable read that will help to develop an intuitive feel for and better understanding of control with input saturation.
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 53 (2008) 1976 - 1977 (Reviewer: Andrew R. Teel)
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