Systems Engineering for Business Process Change: Collected Papers from the Epsrc Research Programme

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Juni 2000



This important, state-of-the-art book brings together for the first time in one volume the two areas of Legacy Systems and Business Processes. The research discussed has arisen from the EPSRC research programme on Systems Engineering for Business Process Change, and the book contains contributions from leading experts in the field. Both the consumer and supplier of IT have problems with legacy systems and business process change, so Systems Engineering for Business Process Change will be of great interest to practitioners who are encountering, or likely to encounter, problems with legacy systems and business process change, as well as researchers preparing future research programmes, and those studying system and business evolution.


Business Processes, Legacy Systems and a Flexible Future (Peter Henderson).- Modelling the Co-Evolution of Business Processes and IT Systems (Brian Warboys, Mark Greenwood and Peter Kawalek).- Complexity: Partial Support for BPR? (Eve Mitleton-Kelly).- FLEXX: Designing Software for Change through Evolvable Architectures (Stephen Rank, Keith Bennett, Steven Glover).- RIPPLE: Retaining Integrity in Process Products over their Long-Term Evolution (Dave Bustard).- Understanding Change: Using the Patterns Paradigm in the Context of Business Domain Knowledge (Nadia Amin, Pat Hall, Matthew Hinton).- Combining Organisational and Technical Change in Finding Solutions to Legacy Systems (Magnus Ramage, Carole Brooke, Keith Bennett and Malcolm Munro).- Connecting Business Modelling to Requirements Engineering (Alistair Sutcliffe and G. Li).- Interpretivist Modelling for Information System Definition (Frank Stowell and D. Champion).- Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: Impacts and Future Directions (Ben Light and Chris Holland).- The Implications of Information Technology Infrastructure Capabilities for Business Process Change Success (Julie Eatock, George Giaglis, Ray Paul and Alan Serrano).- IT Support for the Very High Value Added Bid Pricing Process (Madan Singh, Nathalie Cassaigne, Paul Bussey and Vicky Papaioannou).- Social Viewpoints on Legacy Systems (Tim Rodden, Mark Rouncefield, Ian Sommerville and Stephen Viller).- Co-Evolution and an Enabling Infrastructure: A Solution to Legacy? (Eve Mitleton-Kelly and Maria-Christiana Papaefthimiou).- Modelling Legacy Telecommunications: Switching Systems for Interaction Analysis (Muffy Calder and Stephan Reiff).- Reverse Requirements Engineering: The AMBOLS Approach (Albert Alderson and Kecheng Liu).- Reconstruction of Legacy Systems for Evolutionary Change (Elizabeth Burd, Malcolm Munro and Peter Young).- Handling Legacy IT in Banking by using Object Design Patterns to Separate Business and IT Issues (John Edwards, Ian Coutts, Stuart McLeod and Tim Millea).- Legacy System Anti-Patterns and a Pattern-Oriented Migration Response (Anthony Lauder and Stuart Kent).- Assisting Requirements Recovery from Legacy Documents (Paul Rayson, Roger Garside and Pete Sawyer).- The Systematic Construction of Information Systems (Antonio Cau and Hussein Zedan).- Its Not Just About Old Software: A Wider View of Legacy Systems (Magnus Ramage and Malcolm Munro).- Delivering Business Performance: Opportunities and Challenges for IT (Rachel Harrison, M. Wells, P. Brerton, P. Dunning-Lewis, G. Fitzgerald and D. Targett).
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