Industry and Ideology: I. G. Farben in the Nazi Era

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November 2014



Examines IG Farben Chemicals and the power of big business in the Third Reich economy.


Part I. The Nascent Concern, 1860-1933: 1. Origins and organization; 2. The search for stability; Part II. The National Revival, 1933-1936: 3. Revolution and reflation; 4. From Schacht to Goring; Part III. The Nervous Years, 1936-1939: 5. Autarky and atomization; Part IV. The Nazi Empire, 1938-1944: 6. Greater Germany; 7. The New Order; Part V. The Nature of War, 1939-1945: 8. Commerce and complicity; Epilogue.


Critical acclaim for the first edition: 'This study is based on a remarkable command of the old and new sources. It is an important book that comes to sound, thoughtful, and depressing conclusions.' Gerald Feldman, University of California, Berkeley 'Professor Hayes had produced a pioneering study. Lucidly argued, well-written, it is an admirable re-assessment of the role of German capitalism under Hitler. He has brought this important historical debate back to life again.' R. J. Overy, King's College London
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