The New Economy in East Asia and the Pacific

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Has the new economy permanently changed the way leading economies work? How can its beneficial effects be transmitted to countries in the early stages of economic development? Why is Japan continuing to stagnate in a potentially prosperous age and Australia, with a smaller industrial and information technology base, is doing well?This book sets out the problems of measuring the effects of technological change on economic progress by using the internet in the Asia-Pacific region as a case study. Corporate and industry experience, including changing business organization and new regulatory issues are explored as well as policy issues such as the digital divide and the approach to e-commerce in the WTO. Using several industry case studies the contributors compare the IT experience in North America with a number of countries in Asia and the Pacific.With contributions by a number of distinguished authors, "The New Economy in East Asia and the Pacific" is an essential volume for policy-makers, corporate strategists and scholars concerned with understanding the effects of the new economy and its impact in Asia and the Pacific.


List of figures List of tables List of contributors Preface Abbreviations 1. The new economy in Asia and the Pacific: an overview Peter Drysdale 2. What's new in the new economy? Richard N. Cooper 3. The new economy: theory and measurement Richard G. Lispey 4. Telecommunications policy and the evolution of the internet Robert W. Crandall 5. Factors affecting growth in the region:R&D and productivity Shandre M. Thangavelu and Toh Mun Heng 6.1 Beyond Silicon Valley: the regional spread of innovation Juan J. Palacios 6.2 The Indian experience Mangesh G. Korgaonker 6.3 The Chinese experience Dong Yuntin 6.4 The Taiwanese experience: impact on production and trade Sheng-Cheng Hu and Vei-Lin Chan 7. Corporate strategies in information technology firms Yasunori Baba and F. Ted Tschang 8. Intellectual property protection and capital markets in the new economy Keith E. Maskus 9. A force for market competition or market power Lewis Evans 10. Internet providers: an industry study Haryo Aswicahyono, Titik Anas and Dionisius Ardiyanto 11. Automobiles: an industry study Roger Farrell and Christopher Findlay 12. The digital divide in East Asia Emmanuel C. Lallana 13. E-commerce: the work program of the World Trade Organization 14. Implications for APEC Mari Pangestu and Sung-Hoon Park Index


Peter Drysdale is Professor of Economics in the Asia Pacific School of Economics and Government at the Australian National University.


"Has the 'new economy' permanetly changed the way leading companies work in this area? How can benefical effects be transmitted to countries in the early stages of economic development? Why is Japan continuing to stagnate, while Australia is doing well? This collection tries to provide some answers."
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