Pearl S. Buck: A Cultural Biography

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Dezember 2002



Pearl Buck was one of the most renowned, interesting and controversial figures ever to influence American and Chinese cultural and literary history--and yet she remains one of the least studied, honored or remembered. This cultural biography of the author of The Good Earth offers a dual portrait of Buck, a figure greater than history cares to remember, and of the era she helped to shape.Photos.


Preface: Rediscovering Pearl Buck; 1. Missionary childhood; 2. New worlds; 3. Winds of change; 4. The Good Earth; 5. An exile's return; 6. The prize; 7. Wartime; 8. Losing battles; 9. Pearl Sydenstricker.


'A fascinating book and one that is, for all its scholarly apparatus and methodical presentation of data, as much of a page turner as anything Buck ever wrote ... Peter Conn's biography is an indispensable resource.' New York Times Book Review 'Peter Conn, Buck's biographer, has done an amazing job of reminding us about Pearl Buck, and about our own recent past. Conn came to this project not through her books ... but through one of Buck's agencies. He's responded, paid his debt, with almost Chinese filial piety, in writing this elegant, absorbing book.' Washington Post 'Expertly written, not only a biography but as political history as well.' Library Journal 'With straightforward prose and balanced assessment of her accomplishments, Conn convinces us that Pearl Buck was a great person indeed.' Booklist '[T]his brilliantly conceived biography steers a sympathetic yet intelligently balanced course, revealing in fascinating detail the gripping life story of a compelling woman.' Publishers Weekly
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