The Italian Renaissance Third Edition

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Dezember 2013



In this brilliant and widely acclaimed work, Peter Burke presents a social and cultural history of the Italian Renaissance. He discusses the social and political institutions which existed in Italy during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and analyses the ways of thinking and seeing which characterized this period of extraordinary artistic creativity. Developing a distinctive sociological approach, Peter Burke is concerned with not only the finished works of Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and others, but also with the social background, patterns of recruitment and means of subsistence of this 'cultural elite'. New to this edition is a fully revised introduction focusing on what Burke terms 'the domestic turn' in Renaissance studies and discussing the relation of the Renaissance to global trends. He thus makes a major contribution to our understanding of the Italian Renaissance, and to our comprehension of the complex relations between culture and society. This thoroughly revised and updated third edition is richly illustrated throughout. It will have a wide appeal among historians, sociologists and anyone interested in one of the most creative periods of European history.


Illustrations vii
Introduction 1
The Theme 1
The Approach 4
A Revised Edition 8
Part I The Problem
1 The Arts in Renaissance Italy 17
2 The Historians: The Discovery of Social and Cultural History 32
Part II The Arts in their Milieu
3 Artists and Writers 47
Recruitment 47
Training 56
The Organization of the Arts 67
The Status of the Arts 80
Artists as Social Deviants 88
4 Patrons and Clients 94
Who are the Patrons? 95
Patrons v. Artists 107
Architecture, Music and Literature 118
The Rise of the Market 125
5 The Uses of Works of Art 132
Magic and Religion 133
Politics 138
The Private Sphere 148
Art for Pleasure 151
6 Taste 152
The Visual Arts 153
Music 161
Literature 164
Varieties of Taste 166
7 Iconography 171
Part III The Wider Society
8 Worldviews: Some Dominant Traits 187
Views of the Cosmos 188
Views of Society 198
Views of Man 203
Towards the Mechanization of the World Picture 211
9 The Social Framework 215
Religious Organization 215
Political Organization 220
The Social Structure 228
The Economy 234
10 Cultural and Social Change 241
Generations 242
Structural Changes 249
11 Comparisons and Conclusions 255
The Netherlands 256
Japan 259
Appendix: The Creative Elite 264
References and Bibliography 266
Index 314


Peter Burke is Professor Emeritus of Cultural History and a Fellow of Emmanuel College at the University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.


"A superb introduction to Renaissance culture and society." Renaissance Quarterly

"A fascinating tour de force." American Historical Review

"An indispensable study for historians, sociologists, and anyone interested in one of the most remarkable periods of European history." Choice
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