The Flawless Consulting Fieldbook and Companion: A Guide to Understanding Your Expertise

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November 2000



A friend indeed! In this time of free agency, outsourcing, and cross-functional work teams, consulting has become a part of everyone's job. Plus, we live in an era in which we are forced to hire professionals to provide the help we used to seek from friends. Some of this need for instant expertise is for reassurance; some is just that we do not have time to learn it ourselves. So, despite all the ambivalence surrounding consulting, it has grown into big business and generally infiltrated our lives. The intent of this book is: To support the integrity of your expertise
To change your mind about how you interpret your own consulting experience
To broaden your way of thinking
To bring a manageable dose of therapy and art, philosophy and literature into you thoughts about consulting, and
To so it in a comforting and simple way Enjoy this book, let it accompany you into the field, and use it as encouragement for writing your own story, which may the point of it all.


PETER BLOCK has been a consultant and speaker all over the world for more than thirty years. He is the founder of two well--know training and consulting firms, Designed learning and Block Petreall Weisbord, and the author of three best--selling books, Flawless Consulting (1981; 2000) The Empowered Manager (1987) and Stewardship (1993)). Peter has received several national awards for outstanding contributions to his field, is the creator of the Staff Consulting Workshops, and has joined with the American for Quality and Participation to create the School for Managing and Leading Change.


"This is content as rich as tiramisu. I find that I can digest only a small portion at a time; yet I'm always back for more. An indispensable resource for the consultant seeking ideas and inspiration." (Kathryn Heath)
"Wow! A companion a business owner can't be without! The insights of 30 consultants the caliber of Peter Block is priceless." (Sue Mosby, principal, CDFM2 Architecture Inc)
"This book is a companion piece for both the desktop and bedside of those who do consulting full time or in their role as leader. I plan to keep this book close to me to both guide and inspire my work." (Phil Harkins, president, Linkage, Inc.)
"No matter how proficient, companies who fail to understand and apply Block's concepts risk operating at the vendor level with their clients rather than at the partner level-a potentially mortal risk in an increasingly strategic marketplace." (Fred Lamparter, director of worldwide training, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide)
"As we encourage our IT professionals to pursue continuous learning, this 'Fieldbook' will be added to their skill-building toolkit. We've used Block's Flawless Consulting guidelines to define the basic consulting skills program." (Cassandra A. Matthews, vice president, Information Technology and CIO, PECO Energy Company)
"When it comes to prioritizing my reading, Peter Block is second only to the sports section. In this book, Peter provides different points of view and stories that plunge deeply into the human and organizational experience." (Paul Anderson, convener, Northern California School for Managing and Leading Change)
"Peter's work always challenges me to think about things in new ways and pushes me to take risks I might not have had the courage for otherwise. This long awaited companion to Flawless Consulting is no exception." (Jennifer Powell, human resources manager, Aetna USHealthcare)
"Peter Block and his friends have produced an indispensable companion to Flawless Con
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