Eyewitness to Irish History

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A unique documentary history of Irish civilization, from ancient times to the presentOffering a treasure trove of original source material- letters, diaries, reports, memoirs, and other firsthand accounts- this volume captures the tumultuous events and distinctive texture of Irish history like no other book. Arranged chronologically, the texts collected here range from Celtic myths and Saint Patrick' s Confessions to memoirs from Irish political refugees in America and frontline reports on the Troubles. The book touches on all major events in Irish history- offering accounts from multiple points of view- and delivers intimate portraits of daily life across the centuries.Peter Berresford Ellis (London, UK), the ' preeminent Celtic scholar now writing' (Times Education Supplement), is the author of many notable books, including Erin' s Royal Blood and Dictionary of Celtic Myths and Legends.


Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. Ancient Ireland. 2. Early Christian Ireland. 3. The Viking Terror. 4. Ireland and the Angevin Empire. 5. Irish Princes and Norman Lords. 6. The Tudor Conquests. 7. The Flight of the Princes. 8. Obedience to the English Empire. 9. The Insurrection of 1641. 10. The Cromwellian Conquest. 11. The Williamite Conquest. 12. The Penal Laws. 13. The Insurrection of 1798. 14. Union, 1801; Insurrection, 1803; Catholic Emancipation, 1829. 15. Repeal, Starvation, and the Insurrection of 1848. 16. The Insurrection of 1867 and the Land League. 17. The Insurrection of 1916. 18. The War of Independence, 1919-1921. 19. The Civil War, 1922-1923, and the Aftermath. 20. Irish Neutrality and the Irish Republic of 1949. 21. A Protestant State and Civil Rights. 22. The Long War. L'Envoi. Further Reading. Index.


PETER BERRESFORD ELLIS, from an old Cork family, took his degrees in Celtic Studies and was recently acclaimed as "the pre-eminent Celtic Scholar now writing" (Times Educational Supplement). As well as his popular books on the ancient Celts, he is the author of many notable Irish histories, including History of the Irish Working Class; Hell or Connaught!: The Cromwellian Colonization of Ireland 1652-1660; The Boyne Water: The Battle of the Boyne, 1690; A Dictionary of Irish Mythology; and Erin's Blood Royal. Under his own name he was the author of a bestselling novel The Rising of the Moon, about the Irish Republican Brotherhood's 1866 attempt to invade Canada. Under the pseudonym of Peter Tremayne, he is best known for his internationally bestselling Sister Fidelma mystery series set in seventh- century Ireland. He lives in London.


"This splendid book is an antidote to the antinationalist revisionism..." (Irish Democrat, Oct/Nov 2004) "Unsurprisingly there is an awful lot of gunpowder, rapiers, pikes, musket balls and more recent technologies of killing..." (Belfast Telegraph, 8 May 2004) "... a goldmine of information... As a starting point for students and the general reader, this book can't be criticised." (The Herald (Glasgow), 1 May 2004)
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