C. A Software Engineering Approach

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A highly readable text designed for beginning and intermediate C programmers. While focusing on the programming language, the book emphasises stylistic issues and software engineering principles so as to develop programs that are readable, maintainable, portable, and efficient. The software engineering techniques discussed throughout the text are illustrated in a C interpreter, whose source listing is provided on diskette, and highlighted "bug alerts" offer tips on the common errors made by novice programmers. Can be used as the primary course textbook or as the main reference by programmers intent on learning C.


Introduction to Programming. C Essentials. Introduction to Software Engineering. Scalar Data Types. Control Flow. Operators and Expressions. Arrays and Pointers. Storage Classes. Structures and Unions. Functions. The C Preprocessor. Input and Output. Software Engineering - Case Study. Appendices.


"Rarely does an introductory book on a programming language balance the basic and the advanced so well." - Computer Reviews
"Outstanding textbook for novice C users." - Computer Book Review
"Excellent for a systematic person who wants a running start in C." - UnixWorld
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