Reaching and Teaching Middle School Learners: Asking Students to Show Us What Works

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Enhance classroom practice by promoting an open and shared process with your students!
Middle-school students have much to say about the quality of their schooling experiences and can provide rich insight into what works for them and what doesn't. Educators Penny Bishop and Susanna Pflaum demonstrate how to enhance classroom practice by inviting students to offer feedback on pedagogy, learning styles, and their individual preferences and needs. Written for new and experienced primary teachers, the unique framework of this book takes its cue from the students themselves by using their own words and drawings, combined with the authors' action research, insightful analysis, and shared experiences.
Highlights of this powerful resource include:
- Instructional strategies and content-area learning
- Social interactions within the classroom that promote or inhibit learning
- Learner insights into their own engagement and disengagement in the classroom
- Student drawings, reflective questions for teachers, mini-lessons, and frequently asked questions about consulting students and honoring their insights
Reaching and Teaching Middle School Learners focuses on the learning needs of adolescents as identified by the students themselves. By promoting an open and shared process with your students, you can meet the unique challenges of working with middle school learners and create a positive schooling experience for all.


Foreword by Chris Stevenson
About the Authors
1. The Case for Consulting Students
2. The Social Lives of Schools and Classrooms
3. Choice, Action, and Relevance in Curriculum
4. Math Is the Measure
5. Reading in School
6. Inquiring and Communicating in Science and Social Studies
7. Consulting Your Students


Penny A. Bishop is Assistant Professor and Director of Middle Level Teacher Education at the University of Vermont, Burlington. She earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Vermont, and her dissertation on middle grades partner teams received the 1998 Distinguished Dissertation Award from the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Before joining the field of teacher education, Penny was a middle school teacher and an assessment consultant for the Vermont Department of Education. She currently consults with teachers and administrators in the areas of school organization, interdisciplinary and partner teaming, and school change. She is the coauthor of The Power of Two: Partner Teams in Action and coeditor of Living and Learning in the Middle Grades: The Dance Continues. Her articles have appeared in Middle School Journal, Research in Middle Level Education Online, Current Issues in Middle Level Education, and Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy.

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