Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Designer 2007 Step by Step

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This book/CD-ROM tutorial features step-by-step lessons, B&w screen-shots, tips and warnings, key points, a glossary, and exercises, with files for exercises on the CD-ROM. A detailed table of contents, chapter thumb tabs, and topic-specific running heads make it easy to locate information. The CD-ROM also contains a searchable e-book, a selection guide to SharePoint sites and workspaces, application templates, and a SharePoint products comparison guide.


1. Introducing SharePoint Designer 2. Working in SharePoint Designer 3. Customizing a Web Page 4. Creating and Modifying Web Pages 5. Working with Lists and Libraries 6. Working with Data Views 7. Working with data Sources 8. Using Controls in Web Pages 9. Working with Master Pages 10. Changing the Look and Feel of Pages by using Cascading Style Sheets 11. Managing Web Content in a SharePoint Server Environment 12. Understanding Workflows 13. Building a Windows SharePoint Services Application 14. Managing SharePoint Sites 15. Understanding Usability and Accessibility


Penelope Coventry is an independent consultant based in the UK, with more than 25 years of industry experience. She currently focuses on the design, implementation, and development of solutions based on SharePoint Products and Technologies. Penny has authored/co-authored a number of books, including Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Administrator's Companion, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Administrator's Companion, Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Resource Kit, SharePoint Designer 2007 Step by Step and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Step by Step. Penny is frequently seen at Tech*Ed and IT forum, either as a Technical Learning guide or on the SharePoint Ask-the-Expert stands. Penny lives in Hinckley, Leicestershire, England with her husband, Peter, and dog, Poppy.
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