Romantic Hearts: A Personal Reference for Romance Readers

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April 1997



Featuring over 75 fascinating personal profiles of romance writers, this popular reference work also lists every book in every romance series and provides an index of author pseudonyms. Whether readers are looking for more books by their favorite author or simply want to browse through information about the thousands of titles available in this popular genre, this book will delight and inform them. 60 photos.


Peggy J. Jaegly is an active member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) and has served as president of several local RWA chapters.


...a compendium of useful information for readers looking to find other books by favorite authors. AB Bookman's Weekly The updated version is a useful addition to the reference shelf of reader's advisors in all public libraries, especially those serving avid romance readers. Booklist Keeping track of the multitude of romance writers and their various titles is a difficutl job for a busy librarian in a public library. This handy tool will make that job much easier and be a nice addition to a Reader's Advisory collection...a useful source for both patrons and librarians. Public Library Quarterly Public libraries and avid romance readers may want to purchase this book for its extensive lists of titles by author, which would be difficult to find anywhere else. American Reference Books Annual
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