RFID in the Supply Chain

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Februar 2011



Thoroughly explains the use of standards built around RFID, for both business managers and RF engineers.


Part I: Introduction & Overview;
Chapter 1. Introduction;
Chapter 2. RFID 101;
Chapter 3.EPCglobal: Overview and Standards
Part II: Issues & Challenges;
Chapter 4.Challenges in Designing RFID Applications;
Chapter 5. RFID Security & Privacy;
Chapter 6. Business Analytics;
Part III: Case Studies;
Chapter 7. Supply Chain Visibility;
Chapter 8. Asset Visibility;
Chapter 9. Work in Progress Tracking;
Chapter 10. Library Management System;
Chapter 11. Returnable Asset Tracking;
Part IV: Summary and Looking Ahead;
Chapter 12. Summing it Up and Looking Ahead; Bibliography; Index


Pedro M. Reyes, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Hankamer School of Business, Director of the Center for Excellence in Supply Chain Management, and Lawrence Schkade Fellow, Baylor University. His research has been published in several journals, including International Journal of Integrated Supply Management, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, and International Journal of Data Analysis and Information Systems. Dr. Reyes holds an annual symposium on RFID at Baylor University. Prior to his academia career, he worked in operations management for more than 20 years.
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