Silt Deposition in Meghadrigedda Reservoir, India- A Spatial Study

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November 2015



Reservoirs are the major water storage artificial lakes experiences silt/sediment deposition, owing to severe anthropogenic activities. Erosion of earth materials is intensifying in the upstream catchment leading to reduction of storage capacity. This situation is more severe in the countries where forest cover is low. In the present study, Remote Sensing and GIS tools used to identify erosion prone zones in the catchment area which in turn silt/sediment deposition. This work was carried out to quantify how much silt/sediment deposited in Meghadrigedda reservoir, Visakhapatnam, India is presented. In each chapter, the state-of-the-art technology has been used. In five chapters, the importance of study with different objectives has been introduced. Thematic maps generated using satellite and other data products. Drainage is an important parameter in carving out the landscape is discussed. GIS analysis was carried out to identify soil erosion zones and silt deposition was assessed using SYI technique.


Dr.P.Jagadeeswara Rao,Professor,Department of Geo-Engineering, Andhra University. He served as Hydrogeologist, CGWB, Govt. of India. He is a member in IGU Disaster and Risk and Forest Department, Govt. of AP. He obtained RS&GIS and Disaster Management courses affiliated to UNO. Visited USA,Japan and Poland. Published research articles on HIV/AIDS.
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