A Spatial Decision Support System Approach for Interagency Partnership

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Mai 2010



There are three strategies for overcoming the spatial mismatch between jobs and home locations: (1) bring jobs closer to low-income neighborhoods; (2) bring affordable housing solutions near to employment generating areas; and (3) provide transportation connections between jobs and housing. To facilitate the planning and development of effective cross-sectoral strategies, a Spatial Decision Support System that ties together a Geographic Information System--with data from the transportation, housing, and economic development sectors--and a Multi-Criteria Decision (MCDM) tool were developed. An interview of urban geospatial data managers in relevant sectors in the Chicago area drove the data requirements of the integrated system. Furthermore, a multi-criteria survey using the Analytical Hierarchy Process methodology identified the differences in problem conceptualization. These two strategies were the foundation for the design of the Spatial Decision Support System presented in this book.


Dr. Ortega has extensive national and international experience in Transportation Engineering. He has worked with private and public entities in a wide variety of projects related to the integration of Transportation and Land Use. His expertise includes Traffic Operations, Transit, Travel Demand Forecasting and Geographic Information Systems.
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Untertitel: A Spatial Decision Support System that links transportation, housing, and economic development in a Multi-Criteria Decision tool. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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