Biological Psychology: An Illustrated Survival Guide

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The 'scientific' aspects of psychology are a concern to many undergraduates, especially those with an arts background. As a result courses in biological psychology tend to be perceived as difficult, and are thus unpopular. However, biological psychology forms part of almost all first year undergraduate courses - so students must study it, and need a textbook that is both accessible and comprehensive. By combining cartoons with traditional text, the authors of this book have produced just that - an engaging, readable text that introduces key topics in biological psychology to those with no prior knowledge of the subject. The comic format will give a veneer of 'simplicity' that will help to alleviate students' anxiety about the material, and also encourage memorability of the material. Cartoons also allow for a level of involvement and interaction with the material, especially when it comes to case studies and experiments, and are ideal for showing the diagrammatic elements of biology by becoming part of the dialogue rather than an image beside it. The more traditional text sections of each chapter will consolidate the key learning topics, and can be used as a revision tool. It will also allow for full referencing, further readings recommendations and chapter summaries.


About the Authors. How to Use this Book. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Chapter 1. The Brain and the Nervous System. Chapter 2. Vision and Audition. Chapter 3. The Mechanical Senses. Chapter 4. The Chemical Senses. Chapter 5. The Control of Movement. Chapter 6. Temperature Regulation Hunger and Thirst. Chapter 7. Emotions and Sexual Behaviour. Chapter 8. Sleep and Biological Rhythms. Chapter 9. Memory and Learning. Chapter 10. Evolutionary Psychology. References. Subject Index.


Paul Alexio Paul has worked as a lecturer in several British universities since completing his Doctoral degree in psychology in the early 1990s. Currently a Senior Lecturer in psychology, he has varied research interests including the application of psychological principles to educational practice. He has taught a number of psychology courses including Biological Psychology for many years. A lifelong interest in comics has led him to explore their use in education. This book is one of these explorations. Murray Baillon Murray first met Paul when they were both fresh-faced first year students at University. It was here that they took their first steps as creative partners, writing and performing sketches for student revues. They also both read a lot of comics, which created a shared frame of reference that proved invaluable for this book. After graduating with a B.Sc. in Psychology, Murray then moved into teaching, completing a PGCE at the University of Greenwich. It was while teaching in Singapore that Murray took on his first professional work as an illustrator. He continued to fit illustration work around teaching until recently, when he decided to fit teaching in around illustrating. His work includes fabric print design; logos; cartoons and comic strips for various publications; and children's book illustrations. He has really enjoyed the challenges that Paul set him in this book, as he has never tried to draw things like angry neutrons before.
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