How to Keep Your Kids from Driving You Crazy: A Proven Program for Improving Your Child's Behavior and Regaining Control of Your Family

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Januar 1997



When you and your child play the "Behavior Game,"everyone wins! If you're feeling like one more temper tantrum, bedtime battle, or sibling slugfest will put you right over the edge, take heart. Help is at hand. For more than twenty years, clinical psychologist and mother of two Dr. Paula Stone Bender has been helping families discover parenting techniques that produce immediate results. Dr. Bender's "Behavior Game" is hands-on and extensively tested. It lets you use positive reinforcement to achieve the changes you want. Easy-to-use charts, checklists, and worksheets enable you to tailor the program to meet your family's specific needs. Best of all, your child takes an active role in improving his or her own behavior. Complete with the success stories of real families who used these powerful techniques, this essential guide can help your entire family get along harmoniously the whole day, every day. "Finally, a practical rule book for parents! Dr. Bender has captured the most tried-and-true research findings and put them into an easy-to-understand guide. She takes the mystery out of being a good parent."— Mary Arredondo, Ph.D. National School Psychologist of the Year, 1995 "A gem of a parenting guide. In step-by-step fashion, it shows you how to combine love and discipline in a way that accentuates the positive and minimizes the negative in parent-child relationships."— Thomas F. Babor, Ph.D., M.P.H. Professor and Interim Chairman, Department of Psychiatry University of Connecticut Health Center


ENCOURAGING GOOD BEHAVIOR BY PLAYING THE BEHAVIOR GAME. Getting Ready to Play the Behavior Game. Making Up Your Child's Behavior Game Charts. Making the Game Part of Your Family's Life. Putting the Game into Action. BUILDING ON YOUR SUCCESS: CONTROLLONG PROBLEM BEHAVIOR, RAISING EXPECTATIONS, AND IMPROVING COMMUNICATION. Getting Problem Behavior Under Control. Raising Expectations and Involving Other Adults. Communicating with Your Child. PERPETUATING A GOOD THING: KEEPING THE GAME GOING AND UP-TO-DATE. Keeping the Game Going. Keeping the Game Up- to-Date Throughout the Year. Appendices. Index.


PAULA STONE BENDER, Ph.D., a psychotherapist in private practice in California, was for ten years the Clinic Director of the Child Guidance Center of Orange County, and is a former Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is a frequent speaker at professional conferences and parent-teacher groups, and her work has been featured in such newspapers as the Los Angeles Times and The Orange County Register. Dr. Bender lives in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.
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