Judging the State: Courts and Constitutional Politics in Pakistan

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Mai 2002



In an original study of the relationship between state and civil society in Pakistan, Paula Newberg demonstrates how, over the course of almost five decades, the courts have influenced the development of its constitutions and state structure. By examining judicial decisions, particularly at times of political crisis, she considers how tensions within the judiciary, and between courts and other state institutions, have affected the ways political society views itself, and explores the effects of these debates on the organization of political power.


Preface; Introduction; 1. Structuring the state; 2. Constituting the state (l947-1958); 3. Confining courts and constitutions (l958-1969); 4. Seeking justice (l969-1972); 5. Testing courts and constitutionalism (l972-1977); 6. Silencing courts, muting justice (l977-1988); 7. Reviving judicial powers (l988-1993); 8. Judging the state; Table of cases; Bibliography; Index.


"...argued with impressive skill and careful scholarship based on legal archives, published sources, and interviews." American Historial Review "Newberg, a political scientist, has written a fascinating account of the delicate role played by the courts of Pakistan in mediating the relationship between state and society in a country faced by a history of civil unrest, social tension, and the absence of a constitutional consensus. ...clearly written...Newberg's book will be of interest to lawyers, judges, scholars, and politicians and is a major contribution to Pakistan studies." Choice "This book is essential for anyone seeking to understand Pakistan. ...[Newberg's] study of how protagonists have tried to use the courts, and with what effects, conveys a keen appreciation of the predicaments of Pakistan and Pakistanis." Robin Jeffrey, Law & History Review
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