The Capitalist State and Its Economy: Democracy in Socialism

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Focusing on the role of the state in capitalist society, by showing the welfare state as an historical product of the class structure of English agrarian capitalism, this volume addresses price and technical choice in capitalism, and economic democracy within socialism, defending direct democracy and economic calculation in terms of labor time.


Part I: The state in capitalist development. Agrarian capitalism and poor relief in England, c. 1500-1790: Rethinking the origins of the welfare state (L. Patriquin). Taxation and primitive accumulation: The case of colonial Africa (M. Forstater). The state-capital relationship and the significance of incorporating the role of labor (E. Zaky). Political institutions and economic imperatives: Bringing agency back in (M. Konings). Part II: Abstract labor, price, and technical choice in capitalism. Quantifying abstract labor: "Aliquot Part" reasoning in Marx's value theory (B. Roberts). Exchange, demand and the market-price of production: reconciling traditional and monetary approaches to value and price (D. Kristjanson-Gural). Testing Okishio's criterion of technical choice (C.-S. Park). Testing for the Marxian-classical criterion of technical choice G. Dumeenil, D. Levy). Part III: Socialism. Reflections on economic democracy (P. Cockshott, A. Cottrell). Part IV: On the production of knowledge. On the production of knowledge (G. Carchedi).
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