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Januar 2004



Mount Gay, 300 years old and still going strong is an immediately recognizable premium brand of Rum. This Anniversary Cookbook offers a delicious medley of original and exciting recipes for every occasion--all, of course, including one vital ingredient! There is also a selection of Chesterfield Browne's famous cocktails, which will encourage and help you to experiment with all the products in the Mount Gay Rum range and savor one of the world's oldest and finest rums in new and exciting ways. Here's to the next 300 years!


History of Mount Gay Rum; how to use this book; equivalents and temperatures; imbibe - cocktails; first impressions; main events; not so traditional side dishes; sweet endings; about the author - Paul Yellin; abut the cocktails - Chesterfield Browne.
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Untertitel: Spirited Cooking. index. Sprache: Englisch.
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