John Wesley and the Women Preachers of Early Methodism

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November 1991



"This definitive study ought to be required reading in all courses on Methodism." --Dr. Diane Lobody, Warner Chair in Church History, Methodist Theological School in Ohio


Paul Wesley Chilcote (BA, Valparaiso University; M.Div., Ph.D., Duke University) is Visiting Assistant Professor of Church History at the Methodist Theological School, Delaware, OH. Author of Wesley Speaks on Christian Vocation and articles in both historical and theological journals, he will join the initial faculty of the College of Theology, Africa University, Old Mutare, Zimbabwe in March 1992.


... there are extended biographies of a number of the more important women preachers, but it is the Appendix of forty-two biographical outlines, with bibliographical references, which provides much additional material and so forms the basis for further study and exploration into this absorbing subject. E. Dorothy Graham, Proceedings Of The Wesley Historical Soc The series should be congratulated for publishing this remarkably able analysis of women in the early British Wesleyan movement. Chilcote's strength rests firmly on intensive research into the women functioning in British Wesleyanism and his notes expand the analysis of the topic. ...his appendices will serve as a vital starting-point ... Chilcote allows the women to speak for themselves through extensive quotation from letters and diaries. ... provides also valuable insight into the more normal activities of women in class meetings, bands, prayer meetings, and the day-to-day life of the church. ... invaluable for anyone interested in the conjunction of women and institutional religion, the empowerment of women, or for truly understanding the significance of the evangelical revival of the eighteenth century and its nineteenth-century evolution. It is logical, articulate, and interesting for a broad audience. Neil Semple, Jnl. Canadian Church Hist Soc. ... a wealth of information on an important and interesting topic... a significant book... This definitive study ought to be required reading in all courses on Methodism. Dr. Diane Lobody, Warner Chair In Church History, Methodist
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