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First to market! The Solaris 10: The Complete Reference is a soup-to-nuts reference for administrators migrating from Windows, Linux or previous versions of SolarisGet an updated and comprehensive Solaris 10 reference that starts at installation and ends at incorporating applications.Use the included resources such as the Solaris 10 installation checklists and procedures, command reference and worked examples to learn how to use this new version to the fullest.


Part I: Installation Chapter 1: Introduction to Solaris 10 Chapter 2: System Concepts and Choosing Hardware Chapter 3: Solaris 10 Installation Chapter 4: Initialization, OpenBoot PROM, and Run LevelsPart II: System Essentials Chapter 5: Installing Software, Live Upgrade, and Patching Chapter 6: Text Processing and Editing Chapter 7: Shells, Scripts, and Scheduling Chapter 8: Process ManagementPart III Security Chapter 9: System Security Chapter 10: File System Access Control Chapter 11: Role-Based Access Control Chapter 12: Users, Groups, and the Sun Management Console Chapter 13: Kerberos and Pluggable Authentication Part IV: Managing Devices Chapter 14: Device and Resource Management Chapter 15: Installing Disks and File Systems Chapter 16: File System and Volume Management Chapter 17: Backup and Recovery Chapter 18: Printer Management Chapter 19: Pseudo File Systems and Virtual Memory Chapter 20: System Logging, Accounting, and TuningPart V: Networking Chapter 21: Basic Networking Chapter 22: DHCP and NTP Chapter 23: Routing and Firewalls Chapter 24: Remote Access Chapter 25: Internet Layer (IPv6)Part VI: Services, Directories, and Applications Chapter 26: Network File System and Caching File System Chapter 27: Sendmail Chapter 28: Domain Name Service Chapter 29: Network Information Service (NIS/NIS+) Chapter 30: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Chapter 31: Samba Chapter 32: Application Development and Debugging Chapter 33: Web Applications and Services


Paul A. Watters, Ph.D., specializes in building e-commerce and Internet information systems based on Java, Solaris, and open standards like CORBA. He is a columnist and author for the trade journal Inside Solaris, and is lead author of Solaris 8: The Complete Reference, and Solaris Administration: A Beginner's Guide, both published by Osborne.
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