Understanding Disability: Inclusion, Access, Diversity, and Civil Rights

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Juli 2005



Disability is rarely considered a social issue. Scholars tend to discuss it in the abstract; medical personnel view it as a health issue; and legal concerns for the disabled focus on how to advocate or protect organizations against demands for accommodation. As a result, disabled individuals are seen as bits and pieces of everyone's constituency but their own. The writers of this work, both having long personal experiences with disabilities, offer a holistic understanding of the lives of disabled individuals from representations in the media to issues of civil rights.


"This long-overdue book is exactly what is needed for an introductory course in disability studies. The text is well researched and readable, and even has an international perspective. It is also instructive for those who may have doubts about the academic legitimacy of disability studies and its focus on interdisciplinarity. That is, Jaeger and Bowman have managed to document the breadth and depth of the global inquiry into disability and its meaning in law, recreation, medicine, social life, economics, politics, media, immigration to the US, and technology....Highly recommended. All levels/libraries." - Choice
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