Byzantium's Balkan Frontier: A Political Study of the Northern Balkans, 900 1204

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A history of the relations between Byzantium and the Balkan peoples, 900 1204.


List of maps and figures; Preface; A note on citation and transliteration; List of abbreviations; Introduction; 1. Bulgaria and beyond: the northern Balkans (c. 900-963); 2. The Byzantine occupation of Bulgaria (963-1025); 3. Northern nomads (1025-1100); 4. Southern Slavs (1025-1100); 5. The rise of the west, I: Normans and crusaders (1081-1118); 6. The rise of the west, II: Hungarians and Venetians (1100-1143); 7. Manuel I Comnenus confronts the West (1143-1156); 8. Advancing the frontier: the annexation of Sirmium and Dalmatia (1156-1180); 9. Casting off the 'Byzantine yoke' (1180-1204); Conclusions; Bibliography; Index.


'This is a fine study of an important chapter of Byzantine history, which is given added depth by clever use of archaeological, sigillographic and numismatic evidence.' Michael Angold, Times Literary Supplement '... this is a very rewarding and important book, that presents a complex period in clear outline, and unlike the writing of some Byzantinists, is accessible to the non-specialist reader and very relevant to modern concerns.' The South Slav Journal '... the whole book is illustrated with very clear maps which help to elucidate difficult and often unfamiliar subjects. The result is a much deeper understanding of the outlook and policies of the emperors of these years than ever we have had before.' Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies '... an excellent, clear and critical study of a subject for which no broader synthesis has hitherto appeared in English ... a valuable and significant contribution to the study of medieval sermons and the crusades.' Journal of Ecclesiastical History 'It opens up a wide region that has had little attention lavished on it in the past, and will therefore provide a welcome and useful springboard for students of this period and of this region.' History
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