Managing Microsoft Exchange Server

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Microsoft Exchange is a big, complicated application; it requires more disk storage than Windows NT Server and has several hundred configuration property pages and dialogs. But it is also a very powerful and flexible messaging system. However, knowing that it can be made to do something and understanding how to do it are often worlds apart. Managing Microsoft Exchange Server bridges this gap.
This book is a no-nonsense, practical guide to planning, installing, managing, maintaining, and troubleshooting Exchange networks. Targeted at medium-sized installations and up, Managing Microsoft Exchange Server addresses the difficult problems these users face: Internet integration, storage management, cost of ownership, system security, and performance management. It goes beyond the basics to provide real hands-on advice about what you need to know after you have your first site up-and-running and are facing issues of growth, optimization, or recovery planning. Managing Microsoft Exchange Server comprehensively explains how Exchange works, what it can do, and how you can make it work for you.


Preface. 1. Introducing Exchange Server Exchange Capabilities A Little Exchange History Exchange Server Concepts. 2. Exchange Architecture Exchange Message Addressing Exchange Message Routing Exchange Security The Exchange Databases. 3. Exchange Planning Before You Start Planning Designing Your Exchange Organization Migration and Coexistence. 4. Installing Exchange Before You Start Installing Installing Exchange. 5. Using Exchange Administrator Exchange Administrator Basics Getting Around in Exchange Administrator Creating and Deleting Objects Exporting and Importing Directory Data Nifty Exchange Administrator Tricks Taming the Import and Export Features. 6. Mailboxes, Recipients, and Distribution Lists Creating and Managing Mailboxes Creating and Managing Custom Recipients Creating and Managing Distribution Lists. 7. Managing Connectors and the MTA MTA and Connector Concepts Managing the MTA Managing Connectors Configuring Site Addressing Message Journaling. 8. Managing the Internet Mail Service Understanding the IMS Installing the IMS Managing the IMS Connecting Without a WAN Rejecting Spam Performance and Registry Tuning. 9. Managing the Directory Directory Management Basics Managing the Directory Service Providing Directory Access with LDAP Using Address Book Views Nifty Directory Tricks. 10. Managing Public Folders Public Folder Basics Managing Public Folders Controlling Public Folder Replication. 11. Managing the Information Store IS Basics Configuring the IS Viewing IS Resource Usage. 12. Managing the Internet News Service Understanding the INS Getting a Newsfeed Installing the INS Managing the INS. 13. Managing Exchange Clients Exchange Client Basics Managing Outlook Managing Outlook Web Access. 14. Managing Exchange Servers Server Management Basics Storage and Growth Management Increasing Availability Managing Your Server Routine Maintenance Tasks Changing Your Server Configuration Monitoring Your Servers. 15. Troubleshooting Exchange Server The Art of Troubleshooting When Your Server Stops Troubleshooting Server Problems Troubleshooting MTA and Connector Problems Troubleshooting Internet Protocols Troubleshooting Client Problems. 16. Exchange Security Understanding Exchange Security Security Policy and the Wonderful World of Jurisprudence Using Advanced Security Protecting Against Viruses Useful Security Tasks. 17. Recovery and Repair Understanding Server Recovery Backing Up Exchange Maintenance and Repair Tools Recovering Your Data Directory Recovery Preventative Medicine. 18. Managing Exchange Performance What Influences Exchange Performance? Measuring Exchange Performance Performance Simulation Performance Tuning A. BORK Tools B. Useful Performance Monitor Counters Index


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