Political Ecology

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Dezember 2011



This fully updated new edition introduces the core concepts, central thinkers, and major works of the burgeoning field of political ecology. * Explores the key arguments and contemporary explanatory challenges facing the sub-discipline * Provides the first full history of the development of political ecology over the last century and its theoretical underpinnings * Considers the major challenges facing the field now and for the future * Study boxes introduce key figures in the development of the discipline and summarize their most important works * Fully updated to include recent events, such as the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, as well as both urban and rural examples, from the developed and underdeveloped world


Preface to the Second Edition vii
Introduction 1
Part I What is Political Ecology? 9
1 Political versus Apolitical Ecologies 11
2 A Tree with Deep Roots 25
3 The Critical Tools 49
4 Political Ecology Emerges 82
Part II Conceptual and Methodological Challenges 101
5 Challenges in Ecology 103
6 Challenges in Social Construction 122
7 Challenges in Explanation 143
Part III Political Ecology Now 155
8 Degradation and Marginalization 157
9 Conservation and Control 176
10 Environmental Confl ict 199
11 Environmental Subjects and Identities 215
12 Political Objects and Actors 231
Part IV Where to Now? 245
13 Beyond Political Ecology? 247
References 254
Index 277


Paul Robbins is Professor and Director of the School of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona. He is the author of numerous publications including World Regions in a Global Context: People, Places, and Environments (with S. Marston, P.Knox, D. Liverman and V. Del Casino, 2010), Environment and Society: A Critical Introduction (with J. Hintz and S. Moore, Wiley-Blackwell, 2010), and Global Political Ecology (co-edited with R. Peet and M. Watts, 2011).


"This book appeals to a wide academic audience: degree students in environmental sciences and human ecology, researchers in ecological politics and related fields as environmental justice and sociology. Both the subject and the accessible character of the book make it useful to a wide group of non-expert professionals operating in environmental consultancy and expertise. This is a book for all of us interested in the need for better and more rationale environmental politics, action and ethics." (International Journal of Environment & Pollution, 1 June 2012)
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