Hermeneutics and the Human Sciences

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August 1981



This is a collection in translation of recent essays by Paul Ricoeur which presents a comprehensive view of his philosophical hermeneutics, its relation to the views of his predecessors in the tradition and its consequences for the social sciences.


Acknowledgements; Editor's introduction; Notes on editing and translating; A response Paul Ricoeur; Part I. Studies in the History of Hermeneutics: 1. The task of hermeneutics; 2. Hermeneutics and the critique of ideology; 3. Phenomenology and hermeneutics; Part II. Studies in the Theory of Interpretation: 4. The hermeneutical function of distanciation; 5. What is a text? Explanation and understanding; 6. Metaphor and the central problem of hermeneutics; 7. Appropriation; Part III. Studies in the Philosophy of Social Science: 8. The model of the text: meaningful action considered as a text; 9. Science and ideology; 10. The question of proof in Freud's psychoanalytic writings; 11. The narrative function; Notes; Select bibliography; Index.


'The essays which John Thompson has assembled under the title Hermeneutics and the Human Sciences are all taken from Ricoeur's recent work ... The essays have been chosen with care, and the volume has the benefit of an extensive introduction by its editor. It offers a comprehensive and integrated conspectus of Ricoeur's ideas ... I do not think that anyone would fail to find illumination and challenge in reading him.' Anthony Giddens, The Times Literary Supplement 'Paul Ricoeur is the most important living representative of phenomenology in France. A prolific writer, his work has exerted considerable influence in several areas of philosophy, including the philosophy of religion, the study of symbolism, of metaphor and language ... Hermeneutics and the Human Sciences provides an excellent introduction to Ricoeur's work, which, by focusing on his more recent writings, will serve to inject his themes and perspectives into the mainstream of inquiry in sociological theory.' The Times Higher Education Supplement 'John B. Thompson's lucid and helpful introduction to this collection of essays includes a brief history of Ricoeur's career and the thematic focuses of his major works : This selection of essays makes available in one piece Ricoeur's attempt in the seventies to address the challenges from various intellectual fronts. These confrontations do not present an eclecticism, but rather, constitute a continuous, ongoing, and open intellectual response, addressing not only real philosophical issues dealing especially with interpretation, but issues relevant to the social sciences, psychology, psychoanalysis, theology, and many more disciplines.' Review of Metaphysics
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Untertitel: Essays on Language, Action and Interpretation. bibliography, index. Sprache: Englisch.
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